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Collaborative Law: What is it about?

This practice is a sought-out approach to settling disputes present in both parties.

If you are considering a divorce and want to minimize the conflict, you may be interested in Collaborative Law. In a Collaborative Law divorce, both parties work with attorneys specially trained in this process. The goal is to reach an agreement that meets the needs of both parties without going to court.

Brigitte Schmidt Bell is a Collaborative Law Attorney who has been practicing in Skokie, Illinois, for over 30 years. She understands the challenges of divorce and has helped many couples reach a peaceful resolution. If you are considering a divorce, don’t hesitate to contact Brigitte to learn more about Collaborative Law and how she can help you.

Collaborative practice is a marriage and family law strategy involving trained professionals who work together with the couple(s) to help them find the best solutions for their entire family, particularly children. It may cost less than traditional divorce and could preserve relationships when they’re restructured; every divorcing pair should consider this alternative!

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

Collaborative divorce is when both parties work together to reach an equitable agreement. If one or either party fails, it will not succeed because they need each other’s support during this challenging time in their life; however, if everyone can come up with solutions that benefit them all, there are great chances for success!

Hiring an experienced divorce attorney is essential for a successful collaborative process. The best way to find someone who will work with you rather than against your interests and can help keep things flowing smoothly is by using alternative dispute resolution such as mediation instead of going to court where they might ask the judge to make decisions on behalf of both spouses in regards unresolved issues between them; each party must have their legal counsel, so no conflict arises out a compromise during this challenging period after the marriage ends due its complexity.

Collaborative Divorce

Goals of the Collaborative Divorce Process

  • Drafting best agreements for both parties displaying negotiable and compromised solutions to solve the issue that is agreed to be beneficial to everyone included in the terms.
  • Issuing the best settlement to bring out the most amicable resolution for the parties.
  • Negotiations in transparency and display full disclosure, thus holding integrity and good faith while being independent representatives for the clients.
  • Prioritizing the welfare of the child/children involved through creating negotiations that best reflect the
  • Benefits the child can have amidst the situation.
  • Make clients feel at ease and have a sense of freedom regarding how they want to handle their issue settlement by providing a friendly and client-centered framework of legal service.

Goals of the Skokie IL Collaborative Law Attorney

  • They are sure to discuss your issues privately and not disclose them outside the negotiating party.
  • Skokie IL Collaborative Law Attorneys will guide you into choosing the appropriate resolution best suited for the current circumstance you are at present.
  • Guiding you with their team of experts outside the practice like finance experts, child care, mental health, etc., in achieving numerous factors for decision-making in drafting your settlement for a more beneficial agreement.
  • They will prioritize you as their client and work on their model of solutions based on your interest, budget costs, and other underlying factors to consider, such as your child or offspring, finances, properties, businesses, and whatever personal interest.
  • They include YOU and your child’s welfare in whatever decision they make and ensure that all the solutions they come up with and draft align with your best interest and betterment.
  • They make parties sign a “Collaborative Participation Agreement,” which shows that everyone in the team is committed to ensuring the ideal settlement for their client. This means that rained professionals will be alongside you every step of the way up until the termination and end of the issue settlement process is reached.

How does the cost of collaborative law compare with the cost of litigation?

Collaborative law can be a more cost-effective option for many people. For example, if you’re contesting an entire divorce in court and need legal representation from start to finish, it will likely set you back thousands of dollars. In contrast, collaborative lawyers charge by the hour, which means that while they do have their costs associated with this type of case (just like any other), these individuals could end up costing significantly less than what would’ve been spent on litigation due solely because there isn’t as much time involved when dealing through shorter proceedings such us motions practice deposits or discovery requests versus more extensive trials where one might require assistance throughout all phases including research and preparing for trial.

Why collaborative law is better in most cases

Collaborative law is the means for resolution simply because it allows the party to speak freely of their needs and interest and work their way through it. Most of the time, legal practices only pinpoint the legalities and not on the mental, physical, and personal matters of interest and hopes of betterment for an individual.

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